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With our strong sense of community and dedication to quality in early childhood education, Eden Hills Kindergarten is a positive and enthusiastic centre for learning.

Our core focus is in providing a caring, safe, stimulating and educational environment, which is centred on building self-esteem and is based on learning through play.

Learning through play at Eden Hills Kindy

Focus areas in our Quality Improvement Plan include:

Belonging, Being, Becoming (Citizenship)

Educators have been involved in extensive training in the Early Years Learning Framework.

Literacy and Numeracy

There is a whole of site focus on these areas of the curriculum with educators and parent training/information sessions, baseline data being collected and children’s learning journeys being recorded.

Environmental Awareness

The Kindergarten has a strong focus on environmental issues and is solar powered. Recycling initiatives include a worm farm for food scraps, can & bottle recycling, mobile phone & ink cartridge recycling. We are currently investigating a project linking rainwater to the toilets.

Healthy Choices, Healthy Habits

To give our children the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of foods that appear in the “red, amber, green” categories defined by the Healthy Eating Guidelines.

Enhanced Learning Environments

Provide Learning Environments that are safe, engaging, inviting and foster a respect for each other and the environment.

Child Protection Curriculum

To discuss and promote wellbeing, with a particular focus on self-respect and respect for others.

Exploring and learning at Eden Hills Kindy

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Planning and Reporting

To learn more about our Kindergarten's achievements and strategies for growth and development, please read one of our reporting documents below.

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Download File Size File Type
Context Statement 156KB Adobe PDF
Quality Improvement Plan 2016 506KB Word
Annual Report 2016 410KB Adobe PDF

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