Kindy Fun

Kindergarten Library

The kindergarten has an extensive children’s library, where children are able to borrow books and literacy kits. We invite you to choose library items with your child and to record the details on the relevant card. Your child will be supplied with a library bag for their use at kindergarten. Please report any damage to books or kits to educators. Please help us to teach your child to care for books.

Eden Hills Kindergarten Stick People

Take Home Resources

The kindergarten has a range of resources, which the children are able to borrow: such as numeracy kits, persona dolls and a science sack. The resources are borrowed overnight and families are invited to write about their experience in the diary.

Special Events on the Kindy Calendar

Throughout the Kindy year we hold a variety of special events. These events reinforce our learning initiatives and contribute to our belonging, being and becoming focus. Examples of these events include Twilight Kindy, Pancake breakfast, Reconciliation/Sorry Week activities, excursions to plays, morning teas to support charities such as the Cancer Council and our annual Arts Show.

Eden Hills Kindergarten Annual Art Show 2012


To celebrate your child’s birthday, we make a playdough cake, add the appropriate number of candles, sing Happy Birthday and acknowledge the day with a birthday sticker. The Birthday child sits at the front and choses a special crown to wear.

Parental Involvement

Parent involvement is always appreciated. Not only do children benefit from the contact with a greater number of adults, but also parents often find it enlightening and rewarding to observe their child learning in the kindergarten setting.

Specific Ideas:

This list is not comprehensive and leaves room for your skills or interest to be shared or expressed within the program. The kindergarten is a community facility, which operates to meet the needs of families with pre-schoolers within the district. Please give some thought as to how you can contribute.

Drawing Fun at Eden Hills Kindergarten

Nature Education Centre

Each term we borrow a selection of animals from the Nature Education Centre so that the children can have the opportunity to observe, handle and care for them.

Our Making Box

Our making box is in constant need of boxes and bits and pieces. Please think of the kindy before you throw anything away. We do not have room, nor is it safe to store large quantities of recyclables so at times we may say “enough”. Please speak to kindergarten educators if you come by anything, especially interesting or rare. We would like first right of refusal.

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