Starting Kindergarten

When children start kindergarten for the first time or transfer from another centre, be prepared for them to be a little apprehensive or anxious. Some children take longer than others to settle, and however much your child may be looking forward to going to kindergarten, it is a new experience.

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• The need to share an adult with other children
• A larger group of children
• A room larger than the child is used to
• Unfamiliar materials

may be unsettling your child.

Your child may begin happily but have anxious moments for a few days later or even after several weeks. This is normal too.

This separation from a parent or caregiver is a major step in your child’s life. Rest assured that we are committed to making it as smooth as possible.

Give lots of hugs and cuddles before and after kindergarten to show your child  you care and be prepared to stay at kindergarten to help him/her to settle in. Your child is special and we will do all that we can to build their self-esteem.

Never leave without telling your child you are going. Your child needs to know that s/he can trust you. We will support an unsettled child as you leave.

You are welcome to discuss with the educators your child’s progress or any concerns you have. Please tell us of significant events at home that may affect your child’s behaviour and feel free to ask for privacy if matters are confidential. Our aim is to work together for the happiness and growth of your child. If you have any queries or suggestions please approach us.

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Leaving and collecting children

Please collect children promptly after their session as children get upset when adults are late, additionally the educators need time to clean up and prepare for the next session. Also please try not to arrive early for your session, as we need this time for preparation.

If someone else is collecting your child, please let an educator know and write it in the diary, which is kept on the kitchen bench. Only adults who are recorded in the Authority to Collect section of the enrolment form are authorised to collect children. Also, always be sure that there is an educator on duty when you leave your child at kindergarten. Photo I.D. may be required.

Please note that children will not be released into the care of persons unknown to educators without prior notice from parents or guardians.

What children need to bring
NO NUT BASED SNACKS PLEASE. We have children with a life-threatening allergy. These include Nutella and peanut butter.

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